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Growing up, I had always wanted hair extensions.
Like many teenage girls, I wanted to have Mary-Kate Olsen's long, hippie hair. Because extensions were so inaccessible to me at a young age, I decided instead just to grow my hair out until it touched my butt. Now, I look back and realize someone should have cut my hair off in my sleep. The point, however, since I was blessed with good hair, I grew out of my MK Olsen phase and lost the urge to try extensions out. Hair extensions fell off of my list of must-haves.

Even though my hair has always been cooperative, I do need to take care of it - especially because I regularly torture my long locks with heat tools. Recently, I was reminded of my childhood fascination with hair extensions when I was introduced to HotHeads Hair Extensions. That introduction dispelled my misperceptions that extensions were only for length, nothing more.

When I went into the HotHeads studio I learned that extensions offer much more than just added length. HotHeads Hair Extensions innovation, the band, was placed onto my head and I swear my view was changed. My full, shiny hair was taken to the next level in the easiest way possible. The band added volume, luster and fullness. I had no idea that a little volume, so easily worn and so natural appearing, could update my look so dramatically.

I was lucky enough to shoot the HotHeads Valentine's Day video and below I'm excited to share pictures from my experience. If you're looking for extensions made with real hair and that are easy to wear without any pain, I definitely suggest looking into HotHeads!
A special thank you to the team at HotHeads!
<![CDATA[Fashion Happy Hour - How to Network]]>Wed, 15 Feb 2017 17:12:35 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/fashion-happy-hour-how-to-network
After college, when I decided to move back home to Miami, I brought along a list of goals. 
Near the top of my list of tasks for personal growth was making the effort to put myself out there, form friendships and meaningful, lasting relationships with people who share my passion for fashion and life style choreography. People who not only made me happy, but inspire me and pushed me to work harder. I thought that might be difficult, since I was moving to Miami, not New York or Milan. When one thinks of centers for fashion, New York City and Milan, Italy come to mind. I used to think the same. To my surprise, in the three years since I moved back home and made fashion and life style my business, I have happily found that the fashion and marketing community here in Miami is quite strong. As a result, now, even living in Miami, I'm proud that I have developed many strong, lasting friendships in my field.

While some make fun of me for always being somewhere, never missing a party and constantly being on the go, I have to say that networking has been the key to my success. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to host a fabulous event called Fashion Happy Hour. How did this come about? A few months earlier, one of the founders of the event and I struck up a friendship at a blogger conference. With a simple exchange of contact information and a follow on Instagram, this new friend opened a new door to a wonderful event.

My friends always tell me that I should teach a class on how to network. 
While I may not be teaching a class anytime soon, I'm definitely happy to share my not-so-secrets.  Making friends and building a solid network of contacts is really quite simple. Just be open to opportunities and be a nice person. There are lots of interesting, friendly people out there. Make friends with anyone and everyone. Don’t base your friendships on what you can get out of it – instead, befriend people you find yourself investing in. With genuine friends, you never know how your life may be effected.

I put myself out there on a daily basis. I attend as many events as possible and always try to support brands, agencies and people I love whenever they are reaching out to the community. I also make it a point to surround myself with warm-hearted, hard-working people from whom I derive pleasure that is not simply related to business. And, of course, I'm more than happy to pay it forward when I can. We always need a plus one, so don't be an invitation-hog. Invite that girl or guy who might appreciate a simple cocktail party or mixer. You're going to need someone to pose for pictures with, anyway.

Scroll down to check out pictures from the re-launch of Fashion Happy Hour.
<![CDATA[My Laser Hair Removal Experience with Body Details]]>Mon, 09 Jan 2017 19:22:50 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/my-laser-hair-removal-experience-with-body-details
Can you believe it is 2017!? I definitely cannot.
I am not one for New Year's resolutions. Instead, I believe in going after what you want in life, every day. So instead of making a calendar-driven resolution, I live my life with resolve -- every day and, as much as possible, every moment. Not just New Year's Day, but January 9, April 17, October 12, every day.

It just so happens that at this point in my life, I've resolved to invest in myself.
What does that mean, you ask? I am determined to take time to do what's best for Emilie in 2017. This means making more of an effort to do the things I've always wanted to do. - like being more engaged with my friends, taking a girls' trip to Austin to celebrate a birthday and spending the summer in the mountains of Colorado with family. On a much lower level, I've also committed to laser hair removal, getting rid of this daily aspect of personal grooming. So guess what, I'm doing all of these things this year and starting off with Laser Hair Removal at Body Details here in Miami.

Living in South Florida, I find myself rarely ever in pants, which means no matter what, I have to find time to shave my legs. As most of you know, my schedule is hectic and those extra 10 minutes that are necessary for smooth, silky legs sometimes escape me. This is where Body Details comes in. With multiple locations all over Miami, their Midtown spot is a 4 minute walk fom my office. Can you say convenient? Each session is better than the next. Every 10 weeks I stop in for an hour to sit back, relax and watch my leg hair disappear forever. If you're wondering about the pain factor, it's almost painless - with a few pinches here and there but nothing you can't handle.
When I tell you I haven't bothered or worried about shaving in weeks, I'm not lying. Now on my 5th session, my life has changed for the better and I have one less thing to worry about when it comes to my beauty routine.

If you are interested in Laser Hair Removal, go ahead and schedule your free consultation HERE and let them know I sent you.

A huge thank you to my friends at Body Details!

Body Details is Rated #1 for Laser Hair Removal and Tattoo Removal in South Florida. State-Of-The-Art Laser Technology and Licensed Laser Medical Professionals Support Our Mission of Permanently Removing Your Unwanted Hair and Tattoos. To Schedule Your Free Consultation Call (866) 708-8645 or Visit www.BodyDetails.com

If you have any questions about the laser hair removal process and my experience, comment below or shoot me an email!
<![CDATA[Dressing for Art Basel]]>Wed, 16 Nov 2016 08:00:00 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/dressing-for-art-basel
Miami’s biggest and my favorite event of the year, Art Basel, is around the corner. 
And, you know me by now: I’m not one to miss a party.  As some friends would say, I wouldn't miss the opening of an envelope...and I'd have to agree. I love to support my friends, colleagues and, generally, creative individuals and brands showcasing during Basel.  Attending their opening launch parties is a great opportunity to do just that. So, for seven straight days right after Thanksgiving, Art Basel completely fills my social calendar.

Preparing for its arrival, I have found myself scrambling to assemble the perfect outfits. This sounds a bit dramatic, but if you live in Miami, or venture to Basel every year, then you understand the anxiety that comes with the endless not-to-be-missed event invitations and the need to look your best at every single one.  Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining.  I really do love that my hometown is host to such an enormous, world-class event. 
However, I do find the hardest challenge of all is trying to find the appropriate attire that will take me to and from each event comfortably and appropriately. I've talked about this subject before, during Swim Week or SXSW, but Basel is a bit different. Miami gets packed with artists, the type of people toward whom I have always gravitated. As an artist myself, I find it so incredibly important to embrace and show off your creative sides - specifically through your attire. Of course, a picture being taken of you for some publication is always nice too. But, even more wonderful is being complimented by one of your favorite fashion bloggers or art collectors on your latest look.

As I prepare myself, and my wardrobe, for this year's Art Basel, I've decided that my chosen piece will most definitely be a simple dress. With dresses, you don't need much, just a few accessories and, of course, a great pair of shoes. I'll be taking advantage of the cooler weather and going all out makeup-wise. But I'll rest easy knowing I can just slip on a little lace dress and be ready for whatever the Days of Basel unveil.
Photos by Christine Michelle
​Dress: Forever 21
<![CDATA[Florals for Fall]]>Mon, 31 Oct 2016 17:29:35 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/florals-for-fall
When it comes to fashion, I believe that rules were made to be broken.  
While I certainly do follow trends, I always tend to personalize the latest ideas with a little twist. Even though the weather continues to change, I tend to keep floral pieces in my wardrobe. I usually avoid heavy prints, but I do gravitate toward floral pieces more and more. This little number, a steal from Forever 21, is the perfect transition piece for my fall to winter wardrobe. The long sleeves make it wearable on colder days, while the deep neckline and a short hem creates a chic, sexy and cute look all at once. As I always do, I added my own touch with my favorite waist belt and ankle boots. This look was perfect for a Sunday birthday brunch followed by a much needed caffeine fix. What I love most about this dress is that you can easily throw on a pair of tights, a cool leather jacket or coat and you're good to go when it actually does get cold.
​Lucky for me, Miami gives me the ultimate mini dress weather, all year long.
Photos by Christine Michelle
Dress: Forever 21, Earrings: Lady Savaj, Boots: Zara
<![CDATA[GLAMSQUAD x Dyson]]>Sat, 22 Oct 2016 19:36:21 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/glamsquad-x-dyson
Getting your hair done is one of the true pure pleasures in the world today. 
Sometimes, we all just need to sit back and relax while someone pampers you, helping you get ready for the day ahead. By now, you know my friends at GLAMSQUAD are my go-to's when it comes to in-home hair and makeup brilliance. Just a few weeks ago, GLAMSQUAD announced their exciting partnership with Dyson Hair. It was my duty and guilty pleasure to be one of the first people to experience the newest, coolest hair styling tool.

If you follow Jen Atkin, or any of the Kardashian's and Hadid's on Snapchat, then, most likely, you’ve heard of this blow dryer. Trust me when I say, it is as epic as it looks - lightweight, quiet and leaves your hair looking silky smooth and styled perfectly. 

Now, when you book an appointment with GLAMSQUAD on their app, the friendly, experienced hairstylist arriving at your house will have the Dyson in tow, ready to style your hair. As if we needed another reason to choose GLAMSQUAD, now they are sporting the best of the best hair tools and products.

Scroll down to see a photo diary of my first experience with GLAMSQUAD x Dyson! 
Book your first appointment HERE and get $25 off!
Photos by Christine Michelle
Special thank you to GLAMSQUAD!
Download the app HERE and get $25 off of your first appointment!

<![CDATA[Let's Talk Tights]]>Mon, 17 Oct 2016 21:01:29 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/lets-talk-tights
My favorite season of the year is also the shortest --  fall.  
For me, the time between late October and December is the best time. Why, you ask? The weather, of course.  Especially in Miami, the humidity leaves town, temperatures drop below the mid-80's and the air is delicious.  Once that happens a few days in a row, it means that I can pull my leather jacket, thigh high boots and favorite stockings out of air conditioned hiding.

My wardrobe consists overwhelmingly of dresses. There's just something about being able to slip on something quickly, but still knowing your outfit is smart, put together and complete. Effortless, comfortable and affordable, my go-to closet staple is actually wearable all year long. When Autumn does roll around, I love to make my look a bit edgier by throwing on a pair of my favorite classic black tights. My friends at Berkshire are constantly introducing bold new styles - sheer, polka dots, you name it. I have quite the collection of these babies and I definitely do not plan on stopping any time soon.

This look in particular is one of my new fall faves. The plum colored dress goes seamlessly from day to night, and when I slip on the sheer leggings, the look is ready for a work day or dinner date.

You can shop my favorite stockings HERE!
Plus, use the code BLOGGER15 at checkout for 15% off of your order.
Photos: Christine Michelle
Dress: Tobi, Tights: Berkshire (Use code Blogger15 for 15% off!), Hair: GLAMSQUAD 
<![CDATA[Back to School]]>Wed, 28 Sep 2016 15:21:47 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/back-to-school7829808
If you are paying attention, there are subtle signs that Autumn is almost upon us.  The nights are cooler and the mornings are less humid. Fall finds me excited about the trends that arrive with the new season! When it comes to my personal style, I like to think of myself as more of a risk-taking trailblazer, trying to stay ahead of the curve.  Add to that, I am a total sucker for ankle boots, whether edgy or mainstream. 
Beyond the boots, as the season ripens into Autumn, you will definitely see me in high neck dresses and tops, sheer tights and even a few backpacks. Some time ago, I purchased my first "adult backpack" in preparation for a music festival. I thought, "What better way to carry all of my belongings while dancing and jumping around than with a backpack?" In 2015, after my first ACL Fest (Austin City Limits Festival), I was hooked. That backpack became a closet staple of mine. I started wearing it as often as I could - to work, to events and, most definitely, to every music festival I attended.

Now, I've expanded my collection and this new bag obsession of mine is not only convenient, but surprisingly chic and easy to find! Take it from me when I say sporting a backpack from day to night is possible, practical and posh. It strikes up conversations while keeping your possessions safe and handy at all times. So go ahead and follow this trend, I promise you won't regret it.  
Photos: Christine Michelle
Dress: Aero, Boots: Zara, Backpack: Forever 21, Belt: Ebay
<![CDATA[Going Wireless]]>Tue, 13 Sep 2016 04:00:00 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/going-wireless
With the imminent release of the new iPhone 7, there's no better time to write this blog post. It looks like the whole world is going wireless and digital. Wireless and digital are not concepts limited to phones -- they apply to headphones, too. That means it's time to start searching for your new favorite headphones to wear with your new, upgraded phone.

Just before the new phone announcement, my friends over at Sudio Sweden introduced me to their sleek, chic and cool wireless headphones. This Swedish brand offers elegant earphones with studio quality sound, which is extremely important for those of us who keep ear buds on all day. Whether you like to rock this accessory because you're listening to music, or you're just trying to block out the world for a bit, Sudio Sweden is way ahead of the headphone game. They deserve a listen.

Scroll down to see how I styled my Sudio ear buds!
Photos by Christine Michelle
Dress: Forever 21
Headphones: Sudio
For 15% off of your purchase, use code 'soulinstilettos' at check out!

<![CDATA[Introducing Eye Gave]]>Thu, 18 Aug 2016 02:38:33 GMThttp://emiliesobel.com/blog/introducing-eye-gave
Okay, I might as well admit it. I am addicted to collecting sunglasses.
Like plenty of other people, I can't seem to get enough of eyewear. An accessory that is versatile, functional and fun. It never fails that just when I think I've found THE pair, I come across another style, another color, another brand and, boom, I find myself taking another pair of sunnies home. For me, too much doesn’t seem to be enough.  Now, my friends over at 
Eye Gave are giving us a reason beyond fashion to add to our sunglass collections. 

Eye Gave is a high-end, yet affordable eyewear brand that does so much more than make great looking shades. They save sight. Yes, you read that correctly. Eye Gave makes it so that with every pair you buy, Eye Gave contributes a portion of the proceeds to a sight-saving treatment for those suffering with Trachoma - the leading cause of blindness. Eye Gave's goal? To eliminate the disease by 2020. You can’t beat doing good while looking good – which is why I'm so excited to share some photos of their great looking line with you guys today on Soul in Stilettos.

Learn more about the incredible company that is Eye Gave HERE and be sure to donate to their Kickstarter Campaign
Photos by Christine Michelle
Sunglasses: Eye Gave
Bracelets & Ring: Karen Kreigel Jewelry
Bow Hair Tie: High Tie 
Nails: LVX Nail Lacquer